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ARAI aizsargķivere Axces-3 balta

  • 419,00€
  • Ražotāji Arai
  • Modelis: Axces-3
  • Pieejamība: Pieejams

The new Axces-3 offers the comfort and fit Arai is famous for, in a very affordable package. And the Axces-3 is just like any other Arai a premium helmet, with the performance and features fitting to the brand. The Axces-3 is based on the renowned Chaser-V outer shell, including the reinforced PB belt.

Also the effective ventilation system is taken from the Chaser-V and the Axces-3 comes standard with the Pinlock-ready Max Vision shield. Together with an attractive range of colours and designs, these features make the Axces-3 the perfect start into the Arai experience.

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