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Pirelli tire MX Extra X 110/90-19 NHS 62M Re

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  • Brands Pirelli
  • Product Code: Pirelli Tire MX Extra X
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Maximum traction on all terrain applications.
Surface area and compound’s carbon black structure for balance between stiffness, reliability and lasting performance

  1. Grip and traction on a wide range of terrain (from mid soft to mid hard)
  2. Perfect application for training; optimal compromise between performance and durability
  3. Tread pattern taken from previous design with the rear’s layout rigidity improved through “bridges” and a new front similar to the Scorpion MX Soft 410
  4. Multi-ply carcass with high resistance to punctures but maximum flexibility to absorb forces during jumps or obstacles
  5. Training performance in all terrain conditions with uniform block wear, resistance to deformation while damping and thus an extended durability