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Prox hour meter

  • 35.00€
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Installation is easy with simple patented one wire hook-up. Solid state electronics, modern LCD, superb environmental durability and enchanged functionality offer the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation or budget.

The hour meter display can be read at all times, with engine off or on. The encapsuled epoxy case is water resistant and shock proof!

ProX Hour Meter Features:

  • Works on all 2/4 stroke gasoline engines including newer FI bikes.
  • Easy installation, no wiring necessary just plug and play.
  • No power required, includes a 10 year battery sealed inside.
  • 100% epoxy encapsuled casing is water restistant and shock-proof.
  • Automatic Roll over.
  • Resolution 0.1 hour.
  • Engineered and assembled in the USA.
  • CE Certified.
  • One ProX partnumber: 43.HM001

Made in EU