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Prox hour meter with tacho meter

  • 35.00€
  • Brands PROX
  • Product Code: Prox stundu skaitītājs ar tahometru
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Hour/Tach meters have become the most cost effective method of performing service.

Installation is easy with the simple (patented) one wire hook-up. Solid state electronics, modern LCD, superb environmental durability and enhanced functionality offer the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation or budget.

ProX Racing Parts offer two different meters. The Hour Meter, which shows the hours the engine has ran and the Hour/Tach meter that displays the engine running hours and RPM as well when the engine is running. When the engine is off the meter shows total hours accumulated. Both meters’ display can be read at all times, with engine off or on. There is no clicking like mechanical meters. Also the encapsulate epoxy case is water resistant and shock proof.

Made in EU